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Promote the promotion and application of energy storage products in the Southeast Asian market, and sign a contract for Tianneng Vietnam's energy storage project

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According to Tianneng Holdings Group, on November 2nd, Tianneng signed an energy storage strategic cooperation agreement with Vietnam's BEIN Corporation.

In this cooperation, both parties will fully leverage their advantages in technology, resources, and market, jointly carry out cooperation and exchange in the field of energy storage, promote the promotion and application of Tianneng energy storage products in the Southeast Asian market, and assist Vietnam in green economy, green transformation, and achieve sustainable development.

In recent years, new energy storage technology has gradually become the key to supporting the development of renewable energy, especially in the research and application cooperation of new energy technology, becoming one of the most promising and promising areas in China Vietnam cooperation.

Tianneng Holdings Group stated that in the context of the continuous deepening of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Vietnam, Vietnamese Prime Minister Fan Mingzheng met with Chairman Zhang Tian in June this year; The visit of the Vietnamese inspection team in September will allow for friendly exchanges. These important foreign affairs activities at important time points bring important signals to China Vietnam green energy cooperation. This signing is an important step after the launch of Tianneng's investment and plant construction project in Vietnam and the construction of local offices. It is also an important measure for Tianneng to implement China's "the Belt and Road" initiative and deepen its efforts in Vietnam's new energy market.

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